• Overlook(ed)

High-quality print on natural white, lightly textured cotton paper.

This piece is extra special, as it was created entirely on accident. While lost in the rhythm of painting, securing page after page with painters tape to cardboard, going over the edges of the secured tape with no plan in mind, this piece was born.

After removing the painters tape after my final piece, left the cardboard to dry to prepare for use the next day. Something about the outlying area of the excess paint streaks seemed magical to me, so much so that I couldn't throw it away. I left it sit around my apartment for months, moving it from room to room, never using it again as a surface for painting. There was something about it that brought me back to the mountains. A moment I may have felt before while standing on the ledge of a bluff, overlooking the mountains in the distance. It's also a creation some may have overlooked, which is how this piece got its unique title, Overlook(ed).

From original vision and creativity of Megan Kunstman.

*Custom sizing available, please contact us for details.